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BIONUR – The Unique Microbial Organic Plant Fertilizer

The use of chemical fertilizers on farmland has become widespread after the ‘50s but has grown excessively over the last decades.
Inappropriate farming has caused an alarming amount of soil pollution and has destroyed the natural balance of nutritive elements in soil that is essential for healthy agricultural production. This has led to poorer quality crops and increasing prices.
BIONUR is a totally organic liquid sourced from the natural environment. It is a unique combination of over 100 elements containing all essential minerals, amino acids, fulvic acid, humic acid and beneficial microbes including Thiobacillus bacteria. Together they help create a rich fertile soil that feeds every plant with the exact nutrition required for healthy growth. Easy and economical in its use, BIONUR is simply diluted with water at a ratio of 1:100 to 1:200 according to plant type and need. BIONUR microbial organic liquid fertilizer is practical and economical for all types of horticultural and agricultural production, including field crops, garden & greenhouse plants, fruit trees, turf, herbs, flowers and indoor plants. It is an all-in-one plant feeder and protector, restores a natural taste to fruit and vegetables, ensures maximum success for minimum outlay and is environmentally friendly.


BIONUR is an organic, microbial, degradable, liquid “all-in-one” fertilizer and conditioner. It is a unique, versatile and unparalleled product, naturally sourced and rich in primal micro-organisms that are found in all ecosystems. The principle of BIONUR is to convert a degraded ecosystem full of harmful microbes into an agriculturally productive and sustainable living environment rich in beneficial micro-organisms. This simple principle is the basis of Effective Micro-organism Technology, which is being applied to agricultural and environmental management today.


BIONUR contains more than 100 naturally occurring minerals, including all those essential for healthy plant growth. As soil fertility and crop yield are determined by the soil’s mineral composition, if any particular element is missing, plants and crops display abnormalities of growth, reproduction and various other symptoms ; BIONUR resolves mineral deficiencies. BIONUR also contains over 80 types of effective micro-organisms, which coexist in a mutually beneficial and highly productive manner. These microbes help develop and restore abundant soil microflora for a well balanced ecosystem, suppressing harmful microbes that cause soil disease. BIONUR is also rich in essential amino acids (building blocks of all proteins), fulvic and humic acids (boost microbial levels), beneficial fungi such as the natural antibiotic penicillum (kills harmful bacteria) and highly effective bacteria such as Thiobacillus thiooxidans and Thiobacillus ferrooxidans.


It has a cost-effective ratio of 1 part BIONUR to 200-500 parts water, depending on the type of crop or particular purpose of application.
An outstanding quality of BIONUR is its rich microbial content. When applied to the soil, beneficial bacteria in BIONUR break down nutritive soil elements into microscopic particles, which are easily and quickly absorbed by roots; plants then make efficient use of the nutrients for healthy growth; the rich supply of amino acids found in BIONUR and also folic acid (the DNA regulator) stimulate vigorous plant growth and metabolism. Humic and fulvic acids in BIONUR have additional specific properties that make plants stronger, healthier and more resistant to disease by helping provide them with the vitamins, co-enzymes, hormones and natural antibiotics that can be found in soil; humic and fulvic acids also promote germination, cell membrane permeability for nutrient intake, cell division, root systems, stress resistance and water-holding capacity in dry and wet conditions.

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